What are my options?


If you choose to parent your child, we are able to help you with emotional needs, material needs such as maternity clothes, diapers, infant clothing, strollers, cribs, etc.


The idea of parenting may be overwhelming right now. Please allow us to share with you the option of Adoption. We can give you the details of how adoption works, show you how parents of your baby can be chosen specifically by you if desired, and connect you with an adoption agency. If adoption is your choice, The Pregnancy Resource Center can also help with some of your expenses during pregnancy through Florida’s Choose Life funding. Please call our office for an appointment to speak to us about Adoption information.


What is abortion and what should you consider? “What will happen to me?” “How close am I to having a baby?” “If I abort, will I be able to have children in the future?” ”How much does it cost?” We can provide answers to most of your questions.

We Offer Hope…

An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and frightening. But at the Pregnancy Resource Center, you’ll find a positive and pleasant atmosphere because we care. We are committed to providing you with support, resources and information. If you think you might be pregnant or know you are pregnant, our doors are open and we welcome your calls, visits, and questions. All of our services are free and confidential. For an appointment please call 850-763-1100.